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Temporo–Mandibular Joint (Tmj) Disorders

With an increase in life stresses, more patients are experiencing teeth wear, fractured teeth and muscle and joint tenderness. This can be accentuated if you are clenching or grinding your teeth, especially at night when significantly more biting force is placed onto your teeth. Most patients who do this, are usually unaware.

If you are experiencing muscle tenderness or pain, jaw joint clicking, headaches, locked jaw, lopsided opening, difficulty opening your mouth or worsening symptoms, this warrants a joint assessment with your dentist. We will assess your symptoms, as well as your jaw joint, muscles, teeth position and wear patterns.

Massage can assist in releasing muscle pain and tension, and we can discuss any unfavourable draw habits and show you the preferred rest position of your jaw, where your lips are together and your teeth are slightly apart. We have a number of different treatment appliances including bespoke night guards. These can potentially reduce and redistribute the force placed on your teeth and protect your precious tooth structure from wear.

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I’d like to say thank you for sorting out and replacing my tooth. You are the kindest, most gentle dentist I have ever used and I would have absolutely no problems in recommending you

Phil Thorne

I recently had a root canal re-done which I was a little nervous about. Wilfred was so calm, he explained the procedure to me all the way, and he was so thorough.

S. Ovary

I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephen and his team to anyone looking for a professional dental service.

Kevan Enticott