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What are dentures?
Dentures are one way of replacing missing teeth to restore the appearance and function of your mouth. They consist of a removable plate which carries the replacement tooth or teeth.

Dentures are precision made to each mouth and can be so discrete that no one will know that you’re wearing one.

How are dentures supported?
They are supported by your remaining teeth and gums and can provide an excellent aesthetic result, especially in cases where multiple teeth are missing and the gums have receded. Clasps are sometimes added to increase the retention of the denture.

What are dentures made from?
The frame can be made from metal or high strength acrylics, depending on the individual scenario.

How long does it take to make dentures?
Depending on the complexity of each case, the duration of the treatment will vary. After the initial visit of examination and diagnosis, the subsequent visits will include taking impressions of the mouth, bite registration, try-in of the denture, fitting and review.

What to expect?
New dentures always feel strange when first placed in your mouth. Several days or weeks will be required before you get accustomed to them. Adaptation varies with different persons and often time and experience are essential before dentures can be worn comfortably and function effectively.

How do I look after my denture?

  • Handle dentures with great care.
  • Brush and rinse dentures daily, but not with toothpaste.
  • Clean with a denture cleaner.
  • Take proper care of dentures when not wearing them.

How long will my dentures before they need to be replaced?
Over time, dentures will need to be relined, rebased, or remade due to normal wear and natural age-related changes to the face, jaw bones, and gums or if the dentures become loose. To reline or rebase a denture, the dentist or prosthodontist refits the denture base or makes a new denture base and reuses the existing teeth. Generally, complete dentures should be used for 5 to 7 years before a replacement is necessary.

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